Security Architect

As an Information Security Architect, I assist companies in creating secure and efficient architectures. My goal is to provide comprehensive data protection by employing cutting-edge technologies and integrating the most effective solutions, such as the Zero Trust approach, asset and risk management, CI/CD mechanisms, access management tools, next-generation firewalls, real-time security solutions, and SIEM systems. This allows us to establish a robust barrier against threats.

The modern trend involves migrating services and applications to the cloud, such as AWS Amazon, Yandex Cloud, Azure, and other popular cloud platforms. It ensures flexibility and resource optimization but brings new risks in the field of information security. Companies also actively utilize traditional on-premises architectures and server infrastructures. Hybrid systems, where some services operate on-premises while others are in the cloud, add additional aspects of risk management and security assurance.

Securing cloud infrastructure becomes more complex with the increasing use of Kubernetes, an architecture that orchestrates and manages containerized applications. We pay special attention to container security as they are a strategically vital element for our clients. Our security solutions include control and monitoring mechanisms to ensure real-time security in Kubernetes environments and guarantee container safety.

Ensure the security of your data by adhering to information security standards such as NIST, SCAP, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001. Contact me to build reliable protection for your company. We are ready to help you create and maintain a secure information environment that meets modern standards and requirements.

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