Setting up IT infrastructure (administration and DevOps)

Creating a high-quality modern IT infrastructure today is one of the priority tasks for any company. The success of all business processes of a company depends on how well and efficiently the information infrastructure is organized. High-quality and well-thought-out IT infrastructure - today it is one of the highest priorities of any company. In most cases, the successful work of all business processes of an enterprise depends on the quality and thoughtful organization of the IT structure. Using a comprehensive approach to the implementation of IT infrastructure in your company will help you save significant money and avoid many problems associated with the functioning of systems in the future.

The most modern practice today is the deployment of corporate IT infrastructure in the cloud. The IT services that your company provides to users, websites, file storages, email service, remote desktop and terminal services and other services are hosted on the sites of the cloud service provider. A feature of the clouds is the flexibility of possible integration. Depending on the needs of the company, it is possible to host from one service, such as a company website or corporate mail, to transferring almost all of the company's IT services to the cloud, leaving only workplaces for employees in the office. Transferring IT services to the cloud reduces the cost of ownership of IT infrastructure. The costs of electricity, air conditioning (cooling), and server maintenance are reduced. Reliability and stability of services are increasing, since the data centers of the cloud service provider have greater stability of power supply and Internet access than office ones.

If you plan to run your business, I will design the optimal IT infrastructure for you, taking into account the capabilities and needs of your company. If you already own IT infrastructure and think that it is not efficient enough, I will audit it and optimize it.

I provide a full range of services for the design, implementation, administration and support of corporate IT infrastructures, servers and services.

If your business is related to software development, you need to use the DevOps methodology.

Specific DevOps goals cover the entire software delivery process. These include: Reducing time to market; Reducing the failure rate of new releases; Reducing the time to complete corrections; Reducing the amount of time to recover (in the event of a failure of the new version or other shutdown of the current system). DevOps techniques make simple processes more programmable and dynamic. With DevOps, you can maximize the predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability of your operating processes. DevOps integration is intended for product delivery, continuous testing, quality testing, feature development, and service updates to increase reliability and security and provide a faster development and deployment cycle. DevOps gives you the benefit of managing software release for your organization by standardizing your development environment. Events can be more easily tracked, as well as allowing documented management processes and detailed reports. The DevOps approach gives developers more control over the environment, providing the infrastructure with more application-oriented insight.

I provide services for the implementation of DevOps methodologies in the software development cycle. Developing Pipeline’s - automated scripts for auditing, assembling, testing, deploying software.

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